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Title: Are Berger bullets really worth it ?
Post by: Lane_Frazier on July 20, 2013, 02:25:18 PM
Lately my wife has been seeing the credit card bills coming in as result of my resuming shooting a little bit...and that's just been a little bit

Let's just say...she aint happy at all....and getting her to join me shooting aint gonna be the solution...

she ask's the question...$50 for a box of 30 caliber Berger bullets....Really ?   To punch holes in paper?....You aint winning anything...where are the metals, plaques etc etc...aint no more deer meat in the freezer....what da....?

So even though I just got 2 boxes of 155 Hybrids in last night...much to her ire...I gotta admit...I'm starting to really doubt it myself...and will be looking to move down to lowly Sierra's Match Kings or maybe even A-Max's. Wish Tubbs made 30 D-TAC's

I know...I wanna shoot the best stuff you can...but at 50 cent a squeeze just for a bullet....

Just not sure that shooting Marksman score's with Berger's can be justified at all...
Title: Re: Are Berger bullets really worth it ?
Post by: RStewart on July 20, 2013, 02:54:13 PM
I'm actually going from Sierra's in my .223 to Bergers.
I have found the Berger's 155.5's in the .308 to be more consistent than the Sierra's. Also, the Base to Ogive length stays consistent on the Bergers, so I don't have to worry about the amount of the bullet in the neck and therefore more or less pressure to deal with per round.
very Now having said that, shoot what you can afford until prices come back in line. I was paying $40/100 for the 155.5's. They're higher than that now. So, I will wait them out.

I have some Sierra 2156's I want to try. BC looks very good.  You may want to look into them..
Title: Re: Are Berger bullets really worth it ?
Post by: RStewart on July 20, 2013, 04:26:05 PM

My chamber is cut with a Palma reamer and barrel is 1:12 on 308 so the 155 Palma from Sierra's are on the "test" list.

The 2155 is the old Palma. The 2156 is the new Palma. Big difference.
Title: Re: Are Berger bullets really worth it ?
Post by: SDDasher on July 21, 2013, 12:35:00 AM
I use the Wilson seater (micrometer) and usually shoot Berger's.
My runout is excellent with the standard stem. JMHO
Title: Re: Are Berger bullets really worth it ?
Post by: suberjc on July 21, 2013, 01:00:15 PM

By the time you get through weighing a full box, you'll see they are cheaper. This is just my opinion but I think if you want to hang around in the high 590s, YOU WILL sort your bullets by weight, unless your are shooting Bergers or ScenarLs. (Probably them too, but you really may not have to) By the time I got through sorting the last box of Hornadys I was priced seduced by, I had a few less than two strings worth. Had a hole bunch of foulers. In a box of Hornady's your sorting to find a few good ones. In a box of Bergers you're sorting to find the few bad ones. I would have had to buy 100 dollars worth of Hornadys to get the consistancy in one 50.00 box of bergers.
I had to ask myself, "If I'm gonna put all this effort into this should the question be, are the components worth it? - or am I worth it.?" You'll have to answer that one for yourself.
If the object is to shoot with precision, Berger's are much cheaper. Period. Good quality components don't make shooting high scores easier, they make it possible.
It doesn't matter if a person picks up a 5000.00 gun on Friday afternoon and drops a 3500.00 scope on it in Friday night. Late Saturday morning if you find yourself cursing the gunsmith it's probably because YOU fed it crappy ammo. You can't polish a Kreiger barrel enough to make it shoot bullets with different ogives and 5 tenths of a grain difference in weight into the same hole.   

This is what I had to do when I first started this F-Class thingey (IMHO).
1. Pick good quality components and decide to stick with them. (yes the problem is me)
2. Stay outta my head about 1.
3. Shoot one caliber and one gun.
4. Stay outta my head about 3
5. Shoot no less than one match a month. (Doesn't have to be PA there are .22 matches that go  prone). Just shoot somewhere, prone.
6. Stay outta my head about 5.
7. At first, while you're learning, you WILL shoot more testing than you do in matches. I don't know how many of those expensive Bergers I have stuck in the 300 yard berm at Magnolia Range. (N0, you can't test with Sierras if your gonna shoot Bergers. Sheesh!).

The whole point is this:

If you're trying to up your scores, test test test, shoot shoot shoot. Somewhere in between testing and shooting, you really will begin to learn how to reload.
Yep it's expensive.
Yep, to me, it's worth it.