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Southeastern Shooters Challenge
« on: April 05, 2016, 02:10:05 PM »
Just got back from shooting the 2nd leg of the Southeastern Shooters Challenge hosted by K&M Precision up in Tennessee.  I've got to say it was my first PRS-style match and it was a BLAST!

The course of fire was varied and quite entertaining for any of you who may be interested in testing your skills in modified prone and positional shooting as well!

There's another match coming up on July 24th, i'll be heading to that one was as well if anyone from the area would like to head up together.  We had 6-8 louisiana folks at this match myself and another gentleman from Mandeviile, and the rest were from the Monroe area.

here's a video from the December match

Just an idea of the stages, in case you're on the fence

1 - engage 66% IPSC steel target with 2 rounds at 700, 800, 900 and back in in 1:30
2 - engage 66% IPSC steel target with 2 rounds from 5 different positions on a concrete pipe obstacle set in 1:30
3 - engage 13 rounds on a 500yd moving target in 3 passes or less
4 - engage 4 rounds on 300yd moving target, 1 round on 325yd target (must hit to move on), 1 round on 375yd target (must hit to move on), 1 round on a 465yd target (must hit to move on), then re-engage 300yd mover with remaining rounds (max mag capacity of 10 for the stage)
5 - engage prairie dog steel targets at 275, 325, 385, 400, and 485 1 round each must hit to move on, any remaining rounds may be fired at final target for points.
6 - engage a 5 plate rack with descending size plates (from a 2.5 minute -> ~1 minute target) at 675 yards engage plates largest to smallest with 1 round each, then repeat engagement in 1:30

these are just 6 of the 10 stages i remember and my ranges might be off alittle because not all of them were nice round numbers so i might have fudged a few here (don't have my CoF on me at the moment), but i just wanted to post some info on here in case any of you might be interested in checking them out, it was definitely a change from what i'm used to shooting, but it was exhilarating for me!
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Re: Southeastern Shooters Challenge
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2016, 03:22:55 PM »
Sounds challenging.


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Re: Southeastern Shooters Challenge
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2016, 06:56:13 PM »
It was, i was pretty happy with my performance not really having shot a match before and only having taken classes and competition prep type shoots.

The course of fire was 94 possible points and the winner hit 81 of those with in some switchy wind that Palo Alto would've been proud of.

I only hit 49, however that was still good for 39th out of the 91 shooters out there.  Had a few stages where i left some points on the table that shooting it again i could probably pick up another 5-8 points, or maybe that's just wishful thinking!