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FEBRUARY 7, 2009


Warm temperatures and clear blue skies greeted thirty-three shooters for our February Mid-Range match. The winds varied from mild and readable early on to quite challenging later in the day. 


Bruce Pickering took top honors in the crowded Marksman class with his score of 532-11x, followed by David Higgins (519-4x) and Don Hackford (473-7x).  Jay Hunt was top Expert with 554-10x.  In the Master class, Buck Kliebert was tops with 578-20x.  Gary Henry was 1st High Master with 587-31x. The Prone Match Winner was Bill Jenkins who fired a very good score of 590-15x in between coaching sessions with his lovely daughter Maddie, who shot her AR-15 during the match. 


Ted Torres took top honors in the F-TR class with 554-8x.  A cheering round of applause was sent to Miss Ashlyn Kliebert who shot her .223 to second place with a terrific score of 553-6x.  Congratulations Ashlyn!  In the F-Open class, Joey Clark was 1st F/O with 586-23x. The F-Class Match Winner was John Bartus, who shot solid and consistent scores all day which resulted in his score of 588-14x.  Congratulations to all the winners!




Gary Henry                    199-13              195-8                193-10              587-31x             1st HM

Dan Zelenka                  185-3                163-1                178-1                526-5x

Bob Jenkins                  183-2                195-9                195-10              573-21x

Bill Jenkins                    194-5                198-3                198-7                590-15x             Prone Match Winner

Bill Mashburn                DNF



Joe Mistretta                 194-4                188-4                189-6                571-14x

Buck Kliebert                 195-8                189-4                194-8                578-20x             1st Master

Mike Burke                    190-2                187-4                186-3                563-9x

Maddy Jenkins              No Score



Ronald Kliebert              186-4                184-2                173-5                543-11x

Tom May                       187-4                183-2                178-4                548-10x

Jay Hunt                       190-3                183-2                181-5                554-10x             1st Expert



Sam Beane                   119-1                168-2                161-1                448-4x

David Higgins                 170-1                173-1                176-2                519-4x              2nd SS/MK

Don Hackford                 169-2                152-4                152-1                473-7                3rd SS/MK

James Bierman              150-2                145-1                132-0                427-3x

Otto Bader                    159-0                164-1                137-1                460-2

Bob Bose                      DNF                  167-4                167-1                334-5x

Bruce Pickering             181-4                179-4                172-3                532-11x             1st SS/MK





John Bartus                   197-5                195-4                196-5                588-14x             F-Class Match Winner

Whitney Simoneaux       195-5                194-5                192-7                581-17x

Joey Clark                     198-8                191-8                197-7                586-23x             1st F/O

Don Geraci                    199-6                194-4                191-4                584-13x

Donald Conne                193-7                190-3                185-6                568-16x

Chuck Ingram                195-6                189-7                182-2                570-10x

Lyle Soniat                    186-4                184-2                188-2                558-8x



Shaun Sanford               182-1                173-2                183-2                538-6x

Wayne Creel                 187-2                168-1                164-3                519-6x

Chris Kliebert                 186-3                178-3                178-2                542-8x

Ashlyn Kliebert              189-3                179-0                185-3                553-6x              2nd F/TR

Ted Torres                     188-2                180-4                186-2                554-8x              1st F/TR

Norman Bennett             167-1                181-3                179-1                527-5x

Jarrett Torres                 172-2                174-0                163-0                509-2x


Thanks to everyone for attending our little match.  We hope to see you next month.



For 2009 our matches will continue to be held on the first Saturday of EACH month.  Next match will be March 7, followed by April 4.  This year, in addition to our October 3,4 State Championship match, on May 2 & 3, we will hold a two day Spring Championship match, stay tuned for details.



NRA membership is not required to compete in NRA sanctioned matches.  However, I highly recommend ALL shooters to become members.  Given the current situation in Washington, we will all depend on the power of the NRA to fight the pending legislation affecting our favorite sport, and our constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.  Additionally, we use the NRA classification system for scoring and awards.  Please remember to bring your NRA number when you register for our matches, and please, please, join if you are not a member.


Lanny & Gary