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Saturday April 4, 2009



Thirty one shooters at our little match today.  The winds were typical Palo Alto, and the weather was just about perfect.


We had eleven shooters competing in F-Class, four in F-TR and seven in F-Open.  Ted Torres was top gun in F-TR class with a nice score of 564-13x, just beating Ms. Ashlyn Kliebert by a single point.  The TR class is always tight near the top.  Nice shooting Ted.


In the Open class, Whitney Simoneaux was F-Class Match Winner by X count over Joey Clark.  Whitney shot a very nice 593-31x.  Joey Clark was first Open class with 593-26x, and Lanny Russell was third with 588-25x.


On the Prone side, Rob Westfall was Prone Match Winner with 593-34x.  Gary Henry was 1st HM with 591-29x.  Buck Kliebert won the combined Master-Expert class with 582-16x, followed by Ronald Kliebert’s 573-12x.  Third place was Emmett Roan with 570-22x.  This was Emmett’s first time back with us in a couple years.  The combined Sharpshooter-Marksman class was won once again by Norman Bennett with 559-14x.  Second place was Bruce Pickering’s 554-9x, and third place was taken by Bob Bose with 538-9x.  Congratulations to all.


Thanks to everyone for helping to clean up the range after our little windstorm of a few days ago.  It sure made a mess of things.  For those of you who were not there, we had chairs blown to the fence/highway, trash barrels everywhere, etc. it was quite a little blow.  Happily, our new covers came through with flying colors with no damage.  It looks like money well spent.  Also, special thanks to those who stayed after the match to repair our targets.  We replaced the cardboard backing on those needing it, and refaced all frames.  The range is in fine shape for our two upcoming Regional championships. 





Rob Westfall                  198-15  199-11  196-8    593-34x             Prone Match Winner

Gary Henry                    198-11  196-11  197-7    591-29x             1st High Master

Dan Zelenka                  188-6    200-10  197-11  585-27x

Bill Jenkins                    194-5    198-11  194-8    586-24x

Bob Jenkins                  192-5    199-12  190-6    581-23x



Buck Kliebert                 194-4    195-7    193-5    582-16x             1st Master/Expert

Mike Burke                    190-4    184-2    196-7    570-13x

Emmett Roan                188-8    189-7    193-7    570-22x             3rd Ma/Ex

Jay Hunt                       187-4    169-2    187-4    543-10x

Ronald Kliebert              190-4    197-5    186-3    573-12x             2nd Ma/Ex

David Laballe                 176-3    179-2    177-3    532-8x

Sam Beane                   135-1    155-1    169-1    459-3x

George Fournet              174-1    182-2    175-3    531-6x



Jim Biermann                151-2    169-3    167-1    487-6

Otto Bader                    164-0    146-0    161-2    471-2x

Bob Bose                      184-4    175-3    179-2    538-9x              3rd Ss/Mk

Norman Bennett             184-3    187-5    188-6    559-14x             1st Ss/Mk

William Luke                 165-2    169-0    180-2    514-4x

Nick Owen                    136-1    167-1    162-2    465-4x

Bruce Pickering             184-1    188-5    182-3    554-9x              2nd Ss/Mk






Whitney Simoneaux       199-12  195-8    199-11  593-31x             F-Class Match Winner

Joe Bougard                  177-2    190-5    191-2    558-9x

Paul Mills                      193-7    190-5    191-3    574-15x

Lyle Soniat                    182-4    191-4    195-6    568-14x

Kim Roux                      192-4    178-2    136-1    506-7x

Joey Clark                     197-12  200-9    196-5    593-26x             1st F/O

Lanny Russell                198-8    199-8    191-4    588-25x             2nd F/O



Ashlyn Kliebert              190-5    185-4    188-4    563-13x

Ben Harang                   185-2    177-2    178-3    540-7x

Ted Torres                     189-3    189-4    186-6    564-13x             1st F-TR

Louis Brown                  165-0    169-1    166-0    500-1x                                     



Our next match will be the Palo Alto SPRING REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP fired May 2-3, 2009.  The format will be the same as our monthly matches, fired on consecutive days.  The weather should be fine, so make plans to attend both days.  We will provide food and drinks on the range following Saturday’s shooting.  The match bulletin is attached.  (You can shoot a single day if you wish, but all awards and door prizes will be for the two day aggregate.)  We will be giving a crispy new $100.00 bill each day as a door prize.


Lanny & Gary