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Results from July 4 th Mid-Range Prone F-Class match. 

Twenty three shooters attended the 4th of July match at the Palo Alto range near Donaldsonville, La.  Temperatures were in the mid-nineties but tolerable due to the cloudy and partly cloudy skies of the day.  Thirteen prone shooters attended, with five High Masters, four Experts and four in the combined Sharpshooter/Marksman class, while the f classers were mostly represented by seven in the Target Rifle class and three in Open class.


Conditions varied throughout the day and made for challenging shooting.  Some relays varied between strong southerly winds to mild fishtailing headwinds.  The sun popped in and out for most of the morning which made viewing mirage difficult at times.  Thru it all, as always, the champions persevered and overcame.  The Prone Match Winner was Bob Jenkins with a score of 585-22x.  Whitney Simoneaux was the F-Class Match winner with his score of 592-27x.  Congratulations to both champions!


In the prone Expert field, Ronald Kliebert was tops with a 568-18x score, and in the combined Sharpshooter/Marksman class Bruce Pickering was the winner with 529-6x.   Charles Freeman was second with a nice 520-5x.  Nice shooting guys.


In F-TR, Ted Torres was top gun with a nice score of 565-15x.  Second place was Shaun Sanford with 553-9x.  Shaun topped Ms. Ashlyn Kliebert by a single X.  Congratulations!


The shooters had their share of troubles again, with one shooter suffering a vanishing bullet, another who had a scope problem, and yet another who had to leave the range early.  Some days, the little black cloud follows you around.





Rob Westfall                  199-9    195-9    183-8    577-26x             1st HM

Dan Zelenka                  198-11  DNF      DNF      198-11x

Bill Jenkins                    194-5    195-8    183-1    572-14x

Gary Henry                    DNF      DNF      DNF      (practice only)               

Bob Jenkins                  196-7    196-7    193-8    585-22x             Prone Match Winner



Lee Shall                       178-3    181-1    172-2    531-6x

Ronald Kliebert              192-8    194-7    182-3    568-18x             1st Expert

David Higgins                 187-2    178-2    173-3    538-7x

William Carson              180-0    185-5    157-1    522-6x



William Luke                 166-3    160-0    156-1    482-4x

Nick Owen                    174-2    171-3    174-0    519-5x

Charles Freeman           180-1    173-3    167-1    520-5x              2nd SS/MK

Bruce Pickering             177-3    170-1    182-2    529-6x              1xt SS/MK





Whitney Simoneaux       199-12  197-8    196-7    592-27x             F-Class Match Winner

Joe Bougard                  193-7    192-5    177-2    562-14x

Lanny Russell                197-6    196-4    195-7    588-17x



Ashlyn Kliebert              190-6    182-0    181-2x  553-8x

Rick Shiree                   171-0    160-2    169-0    500-2x

Ted Torres                     189-6    189-4    187-5    565-15x             1st F-Target Rifle

Rick Stewart                  174-2    171-2    162-1    507-5x

Bryan Richman              182-3    174-0    161-2    517-5x

Shaun Sanford               189-6    185-3    179-0    553-9x              2nd F-Target Rifle

Wayne Creel                 175-2    168-0    DNF      343-2x


Thanks to Gary Henry, and Rob Westfall for preparing our targets, and for Bill and Bob Jenkins for running the pits.  Our next match will be Saturday August 1st.  The two day State Championship match will be October 3 &4th.  Keep them in the center!


Lanny & Gary