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August 2, 2008


Twenty three shooters attended the August 2, 2008 match and were treated to typical Palo Alto summertime conditions.  It was hot and the wind was breezy at times and very manageable at other times.  Prone attendance was down a bit with just 8 shooters, no doubt due to the national matches at Camp Perry.  The F-Class shooters made up the difference though with 15 shooters to include a nice contingent from North Louisiana who were checking the range prior to our October state championship match.


Ronald Kliebert was top gun in the combined Expert/Marksman class with a score of 564-12x.  The High Master/Master combined class winner was Bill Jenkins shooting a very strong score of 596-29x.  Gary Henry was Prone Match Winner with a score of 597-34x.


In the F-TR class which had 8 shooters, Tim Caddell took top honors with a score of 573-8x, followed in second place by Joe Simpson with 568-9x.  Third place on the podium was Sean McKay with 564-16x.  Nice shooting guys.  It was good to see lots of TR guys, as it is a very competitive class.  In the F-Open class, Whitney Simoneaux took first place with a nice score of 592-36x, followed by Mark Miller with 587-14x.  The F-Class Match Winner was Don Geraci who fired a phenomenal 599-35x, just a single X off the range record.  Congratulations to all!



`           PRONE



Gary Henry                    200-13  199-11  198-10  597-34x             Prone Match Winner

Bill Jenkins                    200-9    199-14  197-6    596-29x             1st HM/Master

Joe Mistretta                 193-5    197-7    192-5    582-17x

Rob Westfall                  200-11  196-6    197-9    593-26x



Ronald Kliebert              191-2    179-4    194-6    564-12x             1st   Ex/Mk

Otto Bader                    161-0    143-2    168-2    472-4x

Frank Dioguardi             153-2    181-5    158-0    492-7x





Don Geraci                    200-12  200-12  199-11  599-35x             F-Class Match Winner

Mark Miller                    198-7    192-6    197-2    587-14x             2nd F-Open

Lanny Russell                197-7    193-1    195-2    585-10x

Whitney Simoneaux       199-12  195-9    198-15  592-36x             1st F-Open

Joe Bougard                  176-3    195-5    189-6    560-14x

R C McDaniel                192-7    191-5    193-9    576-21x

Kim Roux                      192-8    193-3    188-1    573-12x



Ronald Fitch                  171-2    176-1    190-3    537-6x

Sean McKay                 190-7    193-6    181-3    564-16x             3rd F-TR

Jack Spring                   177-3    178-1    167-2    522-6x

Joe Simpson                 192-2    187-6    189-1    568-9x              2nd F-TR

Tim Caddell                   191-4    193-3    189-1    573-8x              1st F-TR

Lonnie Dutreix               166-2    168-2    147-0    474-4x

Shawn Sanford              176-3    183-3    187-2    546-8x

Jared Louque                 189-2    183-2    186-3    558-7x



Our next match will be Saturday September 6th we hope you can shoot with us.  It will be a good tune-up match for the State match.


Our fifth annual Louisiana Mid-Range Championship will be Saturday & Sunday October 4th & 5th.  I have attached the Match Bulletin; please forward it to any interested shooters.  It will be two days of sixty record shots each, prone or f-class.  In addition, a twenty shot two-man team fun match will be held on Saturday following lunch.  Entry fee is $10.00 per team, (coaching allowed naturally) with all proceeds going to the shooters.  The team match is not part of the championship aggregate.


Competitors registered for both days are eligible for door prize drawings, to be held on Saturday.  We will also provide lunch and drinks on Saturday.  Door prizes in years past have been substantial, thanks in part to match and class winners who during the year donate their winnings to the award fund.  This year should be even better.  Make your plans now to attend. 


Thanks to all who attended our little match, we hope you enjoyed it, and we hope to see you again soon.


Lanny & Gary