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DECEMBER 6, 2008
We had another beautiful day for shooting.  It was a little brisk in the morning but warmed during the morning.  The wind as usual for Palo Alto was interesting all day, but not overpowering.
Rob Westfall was Prone Match Winner with a nice score of 590-21x, and Don Geraci was the F-Class Match Winner with his score of 592-30x.  Shawn Sanford took top honors in the F-TR class with 558-8x.  Shawn was shooting his .308 tactical rifle.  On the prone side, Buck Kliebert took top honors in the combined Master/Expert class with a nice 585-19x with his Palma rifle.  George Fournet was top=2 0gun in the combined Sharpshooter/Marksman class with 508-7x.  George was shooting his trusty M-1a rifle.
Rob Westfall                198-9    198-6    194-6    590-21x                        Prone Match Winner
Joe Mistretta                 196-6    189-6    193-5    578-17x
Buck Kliebert               197-7    192-3    196-9    585-19x                        1st Master/Expert
Tom May                       175-2    171-3    188-6    534-11x
Ronald Kliebert              178-4    192-5    190-4    560-13x
George Fournet           171-1    168-4    169-2    508-7x                          1st SS/Marksman
James Bierman              151-1    147-1    128-1    426-3x
Otto Bader                    165-3    164-3    139-6    468-6x
Don Geraci                  198-11  198-11  196-8    592-30x                        F-Class Match Winner
Whitney Simoneaux       197-8    191-3    192-4    580-15x
Chuck Ingram                172-3    184-3    186-3    542-9x
Shawn Sanford                  A 0     193-2    179-3    186-3    558-3x              1st F-TR
Lonnie Dutreix               173-1    164-2    156-0    493-3x
Next match will be January 3rd, 2009, followed by a February 7th match.  Both will be non-sanctioned matches at reduced fees (scores will not be sent to NRA).  We hope to see you there.
In the meantime, we would like to express our thanks for your support throughout the year 2008.  Although we lost three matches to weather and hurricanes, we still had a very successful year. We saw many new shooters and we saw our ‘regulars’ get better and better.  Thanks to the foresight and prudence of our club’s leaders past and present, as well as the tremendous support of our volunteers, we are back even better than before the storm.  Our new covers and clubhouse are our pride and joy.  We look forward to hosting you in them in our future events.  
Check our website for exciting upcoming events in the New Year.
Please accept our warmest good wishes for you and your families during this beautiful holiday season.  Please be safe and join us in the New Year!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
Lanny & Gary