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March 7, 2009


We had a great turnout on Saturday the 7th of March, as thirty four shooters enjoyed perfect weather and good shooting conditions.  The prone shooters outnumbered the f-classers with twenty compared to fourteen for f-class.  That included ten shooters entered in the Marksman class, which is a healthy sign for the future.  We hope the trend continues as new shooters are the life blood of the shooting sports.


On the prone side, Bob Jenkins was Match Winner with a terrific score of 594-34x.  Fine shooting indeed Bob.  Buck Kliebert was top gun in the combined Master/Expert class with his score of 585-23x.  With ten entries in the Marksman class we awarded down to 3rd place, that being Bob Bose with his score of 551-7x.  In second place was Norman Bennett (who was recently reclassified) with 554-14x.  It was good to see Norman ‘on the podium’ again.  Good shooting.  Taking first place honors in Marksman was Louisiana’s hot shooting Junior, Mike Liuzza with 574-19x.


On the F-Class side of the range, your humble scribe finally found an acorn and won the match with a score of 591-25x.  It is amazing what a good rifle can do for a mediocre shooter.  Whitney Simoneaux took first place in the Open class with 585-25x.  The F-TR class had eight entries and scoring was very close amongst the top three.  Second place was awarded to Lonnie Dutreix with a score of 572-15x.  The F-TR winner was Jeremy Lomax with 573-10x.  Note that only a single point and an X separated the top three shooters.  Ms. Ashlyn Kliebert was third by the single ‘x’.  We are indeed honored to have two wonderful young ladies attend our matches.  Ashlyn once again showed she is a lovely force to be reckoned with when shooting her .223.  I also want to send a special thanks to Miss. Maddie Jenkins who volunteered to score during the match.  Thanks for attending Ladies, and guys you too.  We hope you enjoy our little match.


Our next match will be Saturday April 4th.  The following month, May we will hold our 2-day Spring Regional on the 2nd & 3rd.  Mark your calendars.  Also, the range will host the Bayou State Regional High Power across the course match April 17-19.  We hope you can attend both, and spread the word.  See our web site for details



Lanny & Gary





Gary Henry                    193-4    193-1    198-4                584-11x

Bill Jenkins                    198-7    197-10  194-6                589-23x             1st HM

Bob Jenkins                  197-10  197-11  200-34              594-34x             Prone Match Winner

Dan Zelenka                  193-0    178-3    189-2                560-5x


Joe Mistretta                 197-9    194-7    177-2                568-18x

Buck Kliebert                 193-9    195-7    197-7                585-23x             1st Master/Expert

Mike Burke        `           192-7    186-2    191-4                569-13x

Joe Meaux                    177-4    191-5    186-4                554-13x             M-Unc

Wayne Creel                 180-4    178-2    176-2                534-8x

Dave Polan                    183-4    186-5    190-4                559-13x


Bill Luke                        166-1    148-2    164-1                478-4x

Bob Bose                      186-2    182-3    183-2                551-7x              3rd Marksman

Don Hackford                 168-1    173-1    169-3                510-5x

Jim Biermann                151-2    151-2    159-0                461-4x

Mike Liuzza                   192-5    192-9    190-5                574-19x             1st Marksman

Jerry Liuzza                   170-1    156-0    166-2                492-3

Norman Bennett             189-6    189-5    187-3                554-14x             2nd Marksman

Frank Dioguardi             166-1    180-3    173-3                519-7x

Otto Bader                    173-3    163-2    150-3                486-8x

Bruce Pickering             183-5    181-4    177-3                541-12x




Don Geraci                    196-8    197-5    189-3                582-16x

Lanny Russell                197-8    197-9    197-8                591-25x             F-Class Match Winner

Donald Conner               192-4    190-3    190-5                572-12x

Chuck Ingram                191-1    186-2    177-1                554-4x

Whitney Simoneaux       195-9    198-9    192-7                585-25x             1st F-Open

Paul Guy                       194-7    188-3    189-3                571-12x


Jeremy Lomax               186-3    193-5    184-2                563-10x             3rd F-TR

Lonnie Dutreix               191-7    186-4    185-3                562-14x            

Ashlyn Kliebert              191-2    189-4    192-8                572-14x             1st F-TR

RC McDaniel                 191-3    184-3    191-3                566-9x             2nd F-TR

Scott Shultz                  190-7    186-4    186-2                562-13x

Duke Dukaric                 131-0    79-0      173-1                383-1x

Shawn Sanford              184-4    181-4    177-1                542-9x

Ted Torres                     181-0    186-3    185-4                552-7x